​"Jason Romero is an amazing speaker. His story is not only personally moving but is full of great lessons for all management teams. After he spoke at our event, I lost count of the number of people who thanked me for having him speak. There was universal agreement that his presentation was the highlight of our conference.​"
- Stewart Glendinning (CEO, Molson Coors International)

"Jason is an absolutely amazing speaker who inspires, energizes and motivates teams to give their best. He is authentic and truly real. I highly recommend him to be your next motivational speaker for your teams to help them achieve their goals and work together in a cohesive way. Thank you Jason for being you and your service to the world."
- Suma Nallapati (Secretary of Technology & CIO, Colorado Governor's Office)

"Jason Romero has one of the most remarkable stories you will ever hear.  Running across the United States in 60 consecutive days is only the starting point.  Factor in visual impairment, a miniscule budget, and a one-person crew, and you would pretty much say this venture was doomed to fail.  But if you know Jason at all, you would understand that failure was simply not an option. He has such an incredible huge heart, and he is passionate about making a positive impact on people and organizations.  I absolutely recommend that you find a way to put this man and his story in front of your team."

- Dr. Michael Kragt, Ph.D. (Psychologist & Executive Director)

a l l   t h i n g s   a r e   p o s s i b l e

Hire Jason to motivate your team and go beyond conventional perceptions of what is possible.  Jason tells his personal, and mind-bending tale of losing his eyesight and running across America, while weaving in business and life lessons for audiences to contemplate.  HIs talks have been called "Riveting", "Profound", and "Thought Provoking."  Click HERE or visit www.jasonromero.net to learn more about Jason.


(2 marathons per day for 60 consecutive days)


Thanks to all of the companies, friends and families who have supported me financially, spiritually, and emotionaly.  It takes a village!  


Thanks to all the people who supported the run.  Without you, it would not have been possible.

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the book & dvd

Running into the Dark, Jason's memoir and tale of his record-setting 3,063 mile run from Los Angeles to New York City is now available.  Purchase options include paperback, hardback and digital options on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iBooks.  Click HERE for buying options.  Running Vision is a 45-minute documentary that was made about Jason's 183 mile record-setting run across the island of Puerto Rico.  The dvd is available on Amazon and on-demand streaming through Vimeo.

The 1st & only blind person to run across America


Learn about the Blind.