Learn about the Blind.

relies on cell towers to transmit the signal and will disappear from the screen during periods of inactivity (when the van is stopped) or areas of poor cell coverage.

pings every ten minutes giving you a good general idea where Jason is.

GPS tracking through SPOT

anything and everything is possible, just try and have Faith

Follow Jason!

both trackers are located in the crew van which is within a mile of Jason. ​Links Below


the mission:

To raise money for the US Association of Blind Athletes (501C3) & demonstrate that the blind are capable of anything, if just given the chance

Days Running: 59.45    Miles Completed: 3063     Average Miles per Day: 51.5

From City Hall, LA to NY City Hall

FINISHED May 23rd, 8:30pm


Thanks to all of the companies, friends and families who have supported me financially, spiritually, and emotionaly.  It takes a village!  



We are not defined by our sight . . . we are defined by our vision!




Make a tax deductible donation today to support my run.  I cannot do it alone, and I am shamelessly asking for your financial support and prayers.

Live tracking through Sports with GPS

Photos & Media

See pictures along the way and media coverage.