anything and everything is possible, just try and have Faith


the mission:

To raise money for the US Association of Blind Athletes (501C3) & demonstrate that the blind are capable of anything, if just given the chance



We are not defined by our sight . . . we are defined by our vision!




Make a tax deductible donation today to support my run.  I cannot do it alone, and I am shamelessly asking for your financial support and prayers.

Photos & Media

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the journey is not over...

The run may be over but the mission is a continuous journey. I am happy to share my journey, thoughts and experiences in the hopes that my life can have a positive impact on others. Talks focus on growing through challenge, attaining the unthinkable, leadership and teamwork.

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Thanks to all of the companies, friends and families who have supported me financially, spiritually, and emotionaly.  It takes a village!  


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Days Running: 59.45    Miles Completed: 3063     Average Miles per Day: 51.5

From City Hall, LA to NY City Hall

FINISHED May 23rd, 8:30pm