Making the world a better place, one step at a time . . . 



I am constantly asked "why do you want to run across America?"  

I am not sure my answer would be "satisfying" to anybody except to myself, and hopefully God.  I was given a gift of being able to run, and I want to use that gift to make this Earth a better place. Running has always helped me in times of joy and struggle.  What I can tell you is that one day, in a moment, it was clear to me that this was something I was going to do.  "Life" would just have to wait, or as I choose to believe, "Living could finally begin". 

As a legally blind person, I have become "involuntarily retired" and I have come to know and understand a myriad of issues affecting the visually impaired (VI) and blind on a very personal level. I want to take this opportunity to help redefine society's expectations and understandings of the VI & blind communities. Hopefully this can inspire us as a community to understand that regardless of our eyesight, we all have unyielding potential.  We just need to believe in one another.